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Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Policy

Greenwich Youth Lacrosse (“GYL”) has a zero tolerance policy against the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco by spectators, coaches and players at any GYL event.  This includes, but is not limited to, use or possession on the fields, spectator areas, and parking lots.  Individuals who violate this policy will be required to leave the venue and will be subject to further disciplinary action.  Illegal activities will be reported to the police for appropriate action.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Greenwich Youth Lacrosse (“GYL”) will not tolerate bullying of any kind towards children, parents, coaches, officials, or volunteers at any practice, game or other events associated with our program.  If bullying does occur, we will be subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the GYL program.  Bullying includes, but is not limited to, unwanted physical contact, verbal torments, racist taunts, and emotional torment.  Any or serious activities will be reported to the police for appropriate action.

Registration Policy

Greenwich Youth Lacrosse (“GYL”) holds registration in the beginning of January each year.

GYL reserves the right to limit enrollment in each age group to maintain our high quality program.  Once registration fills for any particular program we will create a “wait list” - we encourage you to register for the “wait list”. We may elect to release wait-listed children to the program and we will do so without any notice to prospective players.  After registration closes you can still express interest to register through the “Feedback” link under the Home tab on our Web site.  Registrations after the closing date, particularly for our travel program, are rare and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. GYL serves the Town of Greenwich only.  We cannot register any families who are not residents of Greenwich. Should you require a refund, we can accommodate this (less a $50 fee) if you make your request through the “Feedback” link under the Home tab on our Web site before midnight on February 27th of that season.  No refunds will be made after February 27th. GYL enrollment and play is subject to the CONNY Age Segmentation policy  Should you knowingly violate this policy, it could result in dismissal from GYL.  It could also cause your child’s travel team to forfeit their games and be ineligible for the post-season CONNY Championship tournament.