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Welcome to Greenwich Youth Lacrosse

Teaching excellence in lacrosse, character and sportsmanship since 1972

Greenwich Youth Lacrosse (GYL) is the founding lacrosse program to the town of Greenwich, CT. GYL is the only non profit lacrosse organization in Greenwich serving Kindergarten through 8th grade boys and girls since 1972. GYL is a member of the CONNY lacrosse association in the state of Connecticut and Westchester/Bronx NY. CONNY serves all town-based programs and promotes a season-ending league tournament at Yale University. GYL has trained tens of thousands of players since its inception and prides itself on teaching the game of lacrosse through sportsmanship, respect for the individual, integrity, effort, enjoyment, teamwork and loyalty. 



Honoring Ed McGuinn

Greenwich Youth Lacrosse is dedicating the 2019 season to our dear friend Ed McGuinn who passed away in October.  Ed was a giant in the lacrosse world on so many levels.  He was a respected coach and was a long-time referee at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels.


Ed was a founding board member of GYL and helped launch the program that serves as a role model for many other towns.  He was instrumental helping our close friends at CityLax (NYC Docs) take their program to the next level. 


Every player across GYL’s house league and travel program will be receiving a memorial decal from their coach to place on their stick or uniform (girls) and helmet (boys).  On Sunday May 12th GYL will host 9 boys and girls travel teams from NYC Docs.  We always look forward to our friendly annual games but this year will be extra special as we remember Ed.  He made a difference in the growth of lacrosse and the growth of young people in our programs.


Ed honored the game every time he stepped on the field.  Now we are honoring Ed and his amazing legacy.  Rest in peace – we miss you.

by posted 05/10/2019
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GYL Statement on Player/Family Commitment

In order to ensure that all of our players’ spring seasons are fulfilling and productive, GYL
adheres to a straight forward commitment policy.  A player’s first unexcused absence from a
practice or a game will result in he or she sitting out half a game. A second unexcused absence
will result in sitting out an entire game. Following a third unexcused absence, the player’s case
will be referred to the GYL Board for review. Players may be dismissed if the Board determines
they have failed to show sufficient dedication to their team. Late arrivals or early departures,
due to unexcused conflicts, will be treated as absences.

GYL understands that our players have many commitments, and we excuse all mandatory
school, religious, and family conflicts. GYL promotes all players participating in multiple sports,
for balanced development, and so we also excuse conflicts with winter sport “post-seasons” for
hockey, skiing, basketball, swimming, etc. GYL is respectful of family spring break vacations,
and will excuse those conflicts as well. Outside of these exceptions, we ask that all players
commit to GYL as their spring season’s primary extracurricular activity. If you can navigate other
activities around GYL, that is your family’s decision.

This commitment policy isn't about punishing those who miss, it's about supporting the players
and coaches who are committed to their teams, and have made a choice to play for GYL over
other things. It is not fair to have spots go to players who are less than 100% committed.

by amyadorney posted 12/06/2018

This mandatory policy impacts ALL Travel Players. For those players, the age cutoff will be September 1st of the year preceding the season. Those born before September 1st will automatically play up one grade. Players who are “young in grade” have the option of staying with their own grade or can opt to play down a grade if they so choose. You must designate at the time of registration that you are playing down. 8th grade players have been offered an 18 month extended range for play.


Grade             Birthday Range (Oldest – Youngest)

8                      March 1, 2004 – August 31, 2005

7                      September 1, 2005 – August 31, 2006

6                      September 1, 2006 – August 31, 2007

5                      September 1, 2007 – August 31, 2008

4                      September 1, 2008 – August 31, 2009

3                      September 1, 2009 – August 31, 2010


Players born before their grade's oldest birthday range must play up on the next oldest grade team.

Players born after their youngest birthday range have the option to play with their actual grade or with the grade below them. 

Boys in Grades 2 and Girls in Grades 3 whose birthdays are before September 1st of the preceding year will have the OPTION to play in the Travel Program of the grade above them (they will also play in the grade above for House League). For example, an "older" 2nd grade boy (whose birthday is before September 1, 2010) can choose to play 3rd grade Intro to Travel (which will also include 3rd grade House League). You must make this selection at the time of registration and once you've selected this option it cannot be changed. Please contact Pat Coleman at if you have any questions about this. 

Except as otherwise provided above, House League will continue to run based on grade and you MUST be in kindergarten to join the program regardless of age.


by posted 12/05/2018
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